Town to get $10K study

CAROGA — The town will be spending $10,000 to conduct an environmental wastewater study as a means to help find funding to update the town’s sewer system .

The board passed the resolution during its video conference on Wednesday, although not all board members agreed as some had budget concerns, and others felt the study is something that needs to immediately happen.

The resolution passed with a vote of four to one. Voting against the resolution was Councilman James Long.

“I know how desperately we need a sewer district and we need a sewage treatment plant downstream of the dam at East Caroga,” Long said. “But I know the current funding situation and the likely funding situation next year and the year after with the crisis we are just beginning to endure.”

Long said he believes this crisis will be just as bad or worse that the 2008 recession.

“I am skeptical that we are going to find any source of funding in the next few years, and I know we’re likely to run a shortfall on our own town budget,” Long added. “I feel that this year is not the year to do this.”

Councilman Richard Sturgess agreed that it will be a “tough” year.

Supervisor Scott Horton said updating the sew system is something that is “extremely important.’

“In hard times you still have to have nerve,” Horton said. “I am concerned about the budget . I don’t think this is a budget breaker.”

Councilman John Glenn said the town had already budged $6,000 for the study and are just asking for an additional $4,000.

“I think we should do this study and it’s only $4,000 more on top of the $6,000 we already budgeted,” said Councilman Donald Travis.

“I am voting nay, I really want this to happen. I want to see our budget numbers a month from now before we do,” Long said.

By Josh Bovee

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