Woman braves quarantine at work

AMSTERDAM — According to a news release, Liberty ARC, the Montgomery County Chapter, NYSARC, Inc., is very proud of its employee, Alicia Morley, for her positive attitude during a 14-day quarantine at an agency residence due to COVID-19.

Morley, and the individuals she supports at the agency, were exposed to COVID-19 after a fellow coworker tested positive for the virus. She was quarantined to her worksite, where she was monitored for symptoms and was also able to continue supporting and caring for those in their home.

“I can say that myself and the gentlemen I support had a family bond before this happened,” Morley said. “But going through something like this together, made us even stronger. It was easy to keep a positive attitude throughout the whole situation because I cherished the fact that I was still able to work with my Liberty family. Seeing everyone come together during these hard times and showing love and kindness to one another is beautiful.”

“We are so thankful for Alicia and employees like her who are committed to the people with disabilities that we support,” Liberty ARC CEO Jennifer Saunders said. “Alicia provided comfort and reassurance to the individuals under her care during a personally stressful experience. We proudly recognize and appreciate the character Alicia demonstrated during the quarantine.”

By Patricia Older

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