NCS students clean up Water Street Bridge

NORTHVILLE — Northville Central School teacher Doug Hammons and his fourth-grade students took their semiannual trip to the village’s Water Street bridge to pick up litter at the popular fishing spot.

Hammons and his classes have been tending to the area for several years, working in conjunction with the Northville village crew to help keep the roadway clean, post “No Littering” reminder signs and make garbage cans available for public use. Even with their efforts, there is always plenty of trash for the students to pick up each fall and spring.

Student Gracie Gray decided it would be good if everyone had to pick up litter every so often, saying it would “probably help remind them not to litter in the first place.”

This year’s crew was smaller than in years past, owing to some absences and the number of “virtual” students Hammons teaches online. Despite their small number, the students still cleaned up in time to have a few moments to explore, catch a few frogs and enjoy the beautiful weather as a reward for their good deed.

By Patricia Older