Tribes Hill hit by vehicle larcenies

TRIBES HILL — The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the public’s help in investigating vehicle larcenies and a stolen vehicle in the area of Tribes Hill that occurred early morning Friday.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s office is currently investigating larcenies from vehicles in the vicinity of Mohawk Drive and Route 5 in the eastern part of Tribes Hill that occurred between midnight and 4 a.m. Montgomery County Sheriff Jeff Smith said mostly loose change was taken. The sheriff’s office is also investigating the theft of a blue, four-door 2009 Honda Accord.

Smith said video footage they obtained and shared on Facebook shows that there are two alleged suspects they believe to be involved. However, there is no way of knowing if there are more involved at this time.

A two-minute video from one of the car larcenies that took place was posted to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. The video shows the two alleged suspects opening the passenger and driver doors to one of the vehicles in the driveway. One of the two alleged suspects is seen exiting the vehicle immediately, while the second alleged suspect lingers for a few seconds before exiting and continuing down the street.

Deputies have been interviewing in the area, and request any video footage residents may have to contact the sheriff’s office.

Contact the sheriff’s office at (518) 853-5500 or (518) 736-1850 with any information.

Smith said so far they have received video footage from a couple residents and are following up on leads, but have nothing concrete to report on yet.

“We encourage people to keep their vehicles locked and to keep valuables out of sight or inside your house,” Smith said.

There is a Tribes Hill Community Park private Facebook page in which there are several victims of the car larcenies who are reporting that their vehicles were “broken into,” “rummaged through,” loose change stolen, one reported a stolen mailbox and some reported their vehicles were locked when broken into.

By Paul Wager