Trump formally endorses Stefanik in a tweet

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has praised U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik many times, but on Wednesday he formally endorsed the Republican from Schuylerville for reelection Nov. 3.

He did so in a tweet: “Congresswoman @EliseStefanik is doing a terrific job for New York! She fiercely defends us and exposes the Radical Left’s lies! Strong on our Second Amendment, Vets, Military and New York Law Enforcement, Elise has my Complete and Total Endorsement! #NY21”

“I’m honored to be endorsed by President Donald Trump for reelection,” Stefanik in a statement. “The vast majority of North Country voters support President Trump for reelection. Every week, I talk with voters all across the district who are excited to vote for Republican candidates on Election Day, and the energy up and down the ticket is historic. North Country voters know that both the president and I support the Constitution, the Second Amendment and our brave law enforcement.”

Presidential challenger Joe Biden endorsed fellow Democrat Tedra Cobb of Canton for the North Country congressional seat last week. Stefanik criticized them in her statement.

“In contrast, voters know that Taxin’ Tedra Cobb and Joe Biden’s basement campaigns are failing in the North Country, as they embrace an extremely unpopular government takeover of health care and support banning guns and defunding the police,” Stefanik said. “I’m looking forward to outworking my opponent to earn a decisive victory in NY-21 in just 13 days.”

In this Stefanik repeated false claims that Cobb favors a “government takeover of health care,” “banning guns and defunding the police.” Cobb, like Biden, supports a Medicare option for all but not taking over private health care, although she did support a Medicare for All plan in her 2018 campaign. Cobb also insists she does not support banning any type of currently legal gun or defunding police.

By Patricia Older