Tryon damaged by vandalism

JOHNSTOWN — The Fulton County Industrial Development Agency’s Tryon Technology Park recently sustained extensive vandalism, now under investigation by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department.

“It’s really a shame, what happened,” IDA Executive Director James Mraz told his board Tuesday.

Mraz said the sheriff’s department now has an “ongoing investigation” into the crime at the Perth-based technology park.

“They have a number of people identified that they are interviewing as we speak,” he said.

The IDA official reported that vandals recently damaged windows and doors in Building 3 at Tryon. Windows were smashed with baseball bats. Graffiti was painted on walls and floors. Cabinets were destroyed.

Mraz said there were many exterior windows with broken and jagged pieces of glass creating a “significant health and safety issue.” He said the same concern exists with piles of broken glass laying “all over the place.” In addition, the building was not secure since anyone could walk through an exterior door that had all of the glass smashed out of it, he said.

“We needed to proceed with some emergency repairs,” Mraz said.

He said the broken exterior windows and doors needed to be cleaned up and the openings secured with plywood. All exterior doors needed to be secured from the inside. All broken glass needed to be cleaned up.

Mraz said Brett Remonda submitted a proposal to the IDA to perform emergency repairs, and all repair work has been completed. The total invoice was $5,500.

He said Bill Vangorder of NBT-Mang Insurance — for which the county has a working policy through the New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal — has been notified of the vandalism and costs for emergency repairs. An incident report was filed with NBT Mang Insurance.

Mraz said he spoke with Stephanie Frazier, executive claims associate, to provide details about vandalism and the emergency repair work performed. He said she advised that making the emergency repair work was the correct thing to do. He said he also met with VanGorder at Building 3 to review damage and repair work

“They will be reimbursing the IDA for some or all of this cost,” Mraz said.

The IDA voted to authorize a payment of $5,500 to Remonda for performing the emergency repairs at Tryon.

Board Vice Chairman Joe Semione asked if the IDA should explore security cameras for Tryon.

“We could certainly take a look at that,” Mraz responded.

Michael Anich covers Johnstown and Fulton County news. He can be reached at [email protected]

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