Water board clerk resigns post

JOHNSTOWN — The city Water Board accepted the resignation of board Clerk Barbara Koehler Tuesday night at City Hall.

Board President Michael Capparello advised that she submitted her letter of resignation on Sept. 22, with her last day being Sept. 23. No reason was given for the resignation.

The board unanimously approved a motion to accept the resignation of the clerk.

In other business, the board reviewed three water bill grievance applications. They included one from property owner John Warner, with a meter location at 218 W. Second Ave., in a grievance filed in August.

Board officials said the Gloversville-Johnstown Joint Sewer Board reviewed Warner’s grievance application and determined “there is not sufficient evidence provided to determine that the excess water did not enter the sewer system and had to be treated during the mentioned billing period. Due to this lack of evidence, your request has been denied.”

Capparello recommended a one-time reduction in the water portion of the bill from $99.27 to the minimum use charge of $55.60; thus resulting in a proposed credit of $43.60. He said he talked to Johnstown Senior Water Treatment Plant Operator John Denmark about the grievance.

“He said sometimes the meters that we have in there will go bad,” Capparello said.

Board member George DiMarco suggested a flow test could be done by the Gloversville Water Department to determine if the meter was faulty.

The grievance was tabled until the board’s 6 p.m. Nov. 9 meeting.

Board members reviewed a bill from property owner Hani Alikhan, with a meter location at 3 Knox Ave., in a grievance filed in August. Credit for the water portion of the bill was denied.

The sewer board previously reviewed the grievance application and determined “the extreme water usage during this period was for a condition beyond your control.” A credit of $300.06 was issued.

Capparello recommended a one-time reduction in the water portion of the August bill from $668.45 to $368.45, noting that the high water bill was related to a water leak in the basement from a shower hookup that has since been repaired. But after discussion, the board felt water was used and a precedent shouldn’t be set by issuing credit. A motion to deny credit passed.

In another August case involving property owner Michelle Marotta Kilmartin, with a meter location at 4 Pennsylvania Ave., a motion passed to issue a credit of $224.11. The sewer board originally denied the grievance, but were open to revisiting the issue based on additional information being submitted by the property owner.

Capparello recommended a one-time reduction of half of the water portion of the August bill from $448.22 to $224.11 based on information submitted.

DiMarco reported he discussed with Denmark a need to purchase a waterline locator. He said the city Water Department used to have two locators, which are now inoperable.

The board voted to purchase a locator from USA Blue Book at a cost not to exceed $3,000.

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