Advertising partnerships to promote county under consideration

JOHNSTOWN — Even with the pandemic, Fulton County Director of Tourism Anne Boles says there’s the potential to create packages and themed advertising partnerships to promote the area.

Boles shared her thoughts on packaged deals recently with the Board of Supervisors; Economic Development and Environment Committee.

Some of the areas that could be looked at, Boles said, include skiing at Royal Mountain or Lapland Lake, golfing at one of Fulton County’s golf courses, the Quilt Barn Trail, motorcycle rides, mountain bike maps, and kayaking and biking.

For instance, Boles said that while tourists drive on the trail to view the “exquisite” Quilt Barn squares, it would also show a place to eat, shop, view historical markers and stay overnight. Boles also said there are “gorgeous” mountain bike trails in the Peck Hill State Forest, and Wheelerville.

“This is an audience to capture, as they come here to ride, want to eat, drink, and stay for another day on the trails,” she told the committee.

Boles said the hope is the Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce can expand marketing into niche publications or promotions for: Golf, motorcycles, skiing, mountain biking, Quilt Barn trail, and agritourism.

Boles said the chamber will continue to seek funding from the Empire State Development Corp. and the I Love New York matching funds grants program, and asks that the county support the application and budget for the funds. For 2021, she said the process hasn’t started yet and it is unknown if a 2021 match will be available.

She said she still hasn’t received any state match for the year.

Michael Anich covers Johnstown and Fulton County news. He can be reached at [email protected]

By Patricia Older