Officials to abandon surplus road right-of-ways

JOHNSTOWN — In a rare move, Fulton County is abandoning a surplus right-of-way on County Highway 158 in the town of Perth.

The Board of Supervisors’ Public Works Committee recently approved a proposed resolution authorizing the abandonment of the right-of-way. The full board will take final action Nov. 16.

“I’m recommending the abandonment at no cost to the adjacent homeowners,” county Superintendent of Highways and Facilities Mark Yost told the committee.

Yost said state Highway Law allows abandoning parts of county highways. He said a section of the law allows for abandoning to the abutting owner or owners such sections which are of no further use for county highway purposes.

A highway realignment on County Highway 158 was completed in 2019, creating a surplus right-of-way that Yost says is of no further use to Fulton County.

Yost said letters were sent to three residents along County Highway 158 on Aug. 27, seeking interest to acquire surplus right-of-way owned by the county. Mapping, along with meets and bounds descriptions, were completed by Foit-Albert P.C. of Albany as part of the reconstruction project.

Yost recommended the abandonments be completed at no cost to the adjacent homeowners. Recording fees of $1,100 will be paid for by the county for the follow properties: Brian Rote, 989 County Highway 107, Johnstown — .49 acres; Jean Rote, 433 County Highway 158, Johnstown — .66 acres; and the deceased Frank Hadden — .31 acres.

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