Clean audit for Fulmont Community Action Agency

FONDA — For more than 20 consecutive years, the Fulmont Community Action Agency has had a “clean audit” with no recommendations made.

According to a press release, Fulmont is required to have an in-depth audit done annually, in which this year’s audit was conducted by EFPR Group, LLP. Greg Horton, a representative with EFPR announced on Monday during Fulmont’s Board of Directors meeting on Feb. 1 that the audit, which took place over several days in December, indicated an unmodified audit with no findings, meaning a “clean audit.”

There were also no recommendations, making this more than 20 consecutive years with a clean audit for Fulmont.

“Receiving the highest audit opinion possible reflects the agency’s commitment to excellence in financial management,” said David Schissler, CEO of Fulmont. “During this past year, in light of all the challenges our community has faced, our services have helped thousands of local residents.

Continued confidence in our financial operations will enable Fulmont to continue to promote self-sufficiency, along with improving the quality of life for many in our communities.”

Fulmont is a private non-profit organization providing early childhood educational services, home weatherization, WIC nutrition and other emergency and ongoing community services in Fulton and Montgomery County.

“I’d like to recognize the efforts of our CFO, David Schissler, as well as all other management staff, for helping us to achieve this status. David has done an outstanding job of overseeing our Financial Operations during his first year of employment,” said Fulmont Executive Director Denis Wilson, Sr. “I greatly appreciate his expertise in non-profit accounting, which keeps us on track for a clean audit annually. This is proof of our excellent financial position, and it highlights the strength of our agency and gives confidence to our funding sources and donors, both current and potential.”

“This clean audit continues the FCAA streak of ‘perpetual excellence’ that has become the hallmark of this agency,” said Fulmont Board Chairperson Laurence Zucherman. “I am proud to serve as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and am delighted to work with Executive Director Denis Wilson and the entire FCAA leadership team. “The FCAA helps thousands of families, right here, where we need it most.”

By Paul Wager