Librarian celebrates 30 years

Shown is Northville Public Librarian Michael Burnetten, who was recently recognized by state Sen. Jim Tedisco for 30 years of service to the library and community. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O’Hara)

NORTHVILLE — The Northville Public Librarian Michael Burnette recently celebrated 30 years at the library and was recognized by state Sen. Jim Tedisco for his many achievements.

“One of the main things that has happened over 30 years has been meeting so many people,” Burnette said. “Whether the friends of the library, the volunteers, board of trustees, the community, Northville not only has year-round residents whom one gets to know, but the people who pop in for a couple of months for the summer season who utilize the library, so you become knowledgeable of them as well.”

Before the library was established in June 1986, there was only a Bookmobile which is how areas such as Northville had a library. The Bookmobile was run by the system headquarters in Schenectady and they would drive a van full of books to Northville. When that no longer continued, the closest library was in Gloversville.

Therefore, the village took the required steps to open a public library in Northville and it opened in June 1986 and was run by a retired school librarian until Burnette became librarian on Jan. 29, 1991.

He said when the library opened, it was first a simple house to be used for community purposes, and since then several additions have been added to the building.

Those additions included: The back of the library was added in which the building was bumped out a bit; the second floor of the original building was added and turned into a program room.

“The friends of the library have supported many different projects through their fundraising. We have this great look on the Sacandaga Lake,” Burnette said. “There’s a gazebo, a walkway, a garden — all done by a variety of enthusiastic volunteers.”

Programs the library offers include: Book discussions, school visits, adult programs, art, children’s programs, story time, science, genealogy, summer reading and computer tutorials.

“I absolutely enjoy my work. I love coming here every day. Everyday is different. Everyday has different challenges because you get asked different questions and you see different people,” Burnette said. “There’s a connectivity with the people who are here in the community for the past 30 years,” he continued. “It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s challenging , everyday is a different day. I try to help people with whatever they’re looking for, or want, or need, or [I] suggest things and that’s where that challenge comes in because you never know what you’re going to be asked.”

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