Board gives nod to project

JOHNSTOWN — The city Water Board recently supported additional flows for a housing unit project being done off North Perry Street.

The board approved a motion to adopt a “utility will serve” letter requested by local architect David D’Amore. He requested the letter for a 64-unit project by Fulton Friendship Lodge to be built at 507 N. Perry St.

The project is being proposed based on a daily average and peak range of 6,400 to 10,000 gallons of water per day.

Board President Michael Capparello said he received a letter from Senior Water Treatment Plant Operator John Denmark, who is okay with the Fulton Friendship allocation.

“Those additional flows will not cause any strains on the water system supply,” he quoted Denmark as saying.

Capparello added, “John felt we could manage it.” He said Denmark indicated the Johnstown Water Department can still sell an additional 325,000 gallons per day.

D’Amore told the board that he actually expects Fulton Friendship’s eventual allocation to be less. He said the 6,400 to 10,000 gallons per day was based on a worse case scenario. He said the project was being “conservative.”

“There is no centralized kitchen services in the facility,” D’Amore said.

A tap application was also approved by the board.

In other business, the board appointed former board member George DiMarco of 206 Prindle Ave. as the newest board member. His appointment is through Dec. 31. Capparello said the vacancy was being filled pursuant to the City Charter.

Capparello reported to the board that its legal action against the city involving payments to Albany attorney Bryan Goldberger has cost $13,175 since September. The board has taken legal action against the city of Johnstown.

The board president said the legal action is still in the courts, and he doesn’t expect any action until “sometime in May.”

“We’re just waiting for a decision with the judge,” Capparello said.

In financials, the board approved the February 2021 industrial billing levy; and reviewed deposits and expenses for the period from March 9 through April 12.

By Paul Wager