Trash cans on the way

GLOVERSVILLE — All 5,700 households in Gloversville will next week receive new, free 95-gallon garbage cans from Twin Bridges Waste & Recycling LLC — the company taking over residential trash pickup from city government.

Starting April 19, the city’s garbage collection will be converted to an automated collection system. Curbside recycling will still be done by the Fulton County Department of Solid Waste.

The firm was to start May 1, but has decided to give the city two weeks free service, moving up the starting date to April 19.

Mayor Vincent DeSantis said Tuesday that the Halfmoon-based Twin Bridges Waste & Recycling firm will deposit the receptacles or “collection carts” — with instructions — at the residences from April 12 through 16. When you get your receptacle depends on your current garbage pickup date.

“A lot of times change is very difficult,” DeSantis said. “This change is going to be very positive.”

The Common Council voted in February to award Twin Bridges Waste & Recycling LLC a one-year contract for city garbage collection, with the option for renewal.

“We’ve done a tremendous amount of cost benefit analysis on this already,” DeSantis said. “We were really careful with this.”

He said the city went out to bid twice on this program to now privatize trash collection in the city.

In addition to saving injuries like hernias from Department of Public Works employees, the mayor said the new private trash pickup will save the city an estimated $500,000 over four years. DeSantis said that one of the city trucks broke too and couldn’t be repaired, so this service will actually save the city $725,000 alone this year.

Taxes will not increase because of the change.

DeSantis said the research done by the city shows that 61 percent of municipalities nationwide now privatize their garbage collection. He said traditional garbage collection can be especially “onerous” on small cities, such as Gloversville.

The mayor said many people are asking good questions about the new Twin Bridges Waste & Recycling service.

“They are not opposed to it,” DeSantis said, although there remains a small group “very opposed.”

DeSantis said Twin Bridges Waste & Recycling will actually be offering a better service. He said one person operates a truck, which automatically picks up the garbage and deposits the trash in the truck. He said the firm selected operates during all holidays, except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Twin Bridges Waste & Recycling recently sent a letter to Gloversville property owners answering questions about the new trash changes. Some collection routes may change with the automated collection system. The city currently collects four days a week, but Twin Bridges Waste & Recycling will collect five.

Households will also have the option of receiving a 65-gallon cart or 35-gallon cart instead of the 95-gallon cart. In the event the cart is damaged at any time, it will be replaced with a new one at no charge.

One of the questions people have about the carts is where to place them.

According to Twin Bridges Waste & Recycling, residents are asked to utilize their driveway apron to ensure to ensure there is not a car parked too close to the cart.

Residents cannot set out additional garbage cans for pickup if your designated cart is full. That garbage will not be picked up. The firm says the 95-gallon cart is likely large enough for residential garbage, but requests can be made for a second cart, only after the first one to two months of collection.

The public can contact Twin Bridges Waste & Recycling at (518) 267-3400; or twinbridgeswasteandrecycling,com with questions or concerns. The public can also contact the Gloversville DPW at (518) 773-4556.

By Patricia Older