Water board approves $5.6M bonding move

JOHNSTOWN — The city Water Board on Monday night approved 2021 bonding for nine items totaling about $5.6 million to improve operation of the city Water Department.

Most of the bonding amount is for one dam project – phase II and III repairs for Hydaddy/Cork Center Reservoir — that has an estimated cost of $4,049,066.

“This is what we’ve come up to so far,” said board President Michael Capparello. “More may be added to it.”

The list of nine purchases/projects represent items to be bonded for in 2021 by City Treasurer Michael Gifford.

Capparello said Gifford told the board to “put them on a list and we’ll try to get bonding.”

The list totals an estimated $5,565,491 in bonding and includes these vendors and costs: Hydaddy/Cork Center done by GPI — $4,049,066; sedimentation basin at Sylvan Falls by C.T. Male Associates — $500,000; dam repairs at Cold Brook by C.T. Male Associates — $450,000; bypass and falls repairs at Cork Center Intake Reservoir by C.T. Male Associates — $250,000; Route 30A water line in front of Noble/Ace Hardware by C.T. Male Associates — $255,000; vehicle purchases, three replacements with state contract pricing — $45,000; two turbidimeters for each reservoir — $10,725; leak locator by Pollard Water — $3,800; chlorinator/vacuum regulator at Cork Center Reservoir by Avanti Control Systems — $1,900.

Capparello said the list represents “everything that needs to be done” for water operations in the city. He said it also represents what Gifford said he needs to provide the city’s bond counsel.

The board president went through each item.

Board member George DiMarco said the $4 million item for phase II and III repairs for the Hydaddy/Cork Center Reservoir may not totally be all-inclusive costs.

“I still don’t see construction administration and inspection in there,” he said.

Capparello said he worked with Senior Water Treatment Plant Operator John Denmark on the comprehensive list.

“I asked him for a bottom line of everything,” he said. “Some of the numbers may change.”

Concerning the Route 30A water line by C.T. Male Associates estimated at a $255,000 cost, Capparello said the cost may end up being less.

“This has been a problem for quite a few years, I’m understanding,” he said.

With the turbidimeters, he added: “This is equipment for each reservoir.”

DiMarco said he didn’t think the least expensive project list items — the leak locator and the chlorinator/vacuum regular — needed to be on the list.

By Patricia Older