Sales tax up by nearly $600K

JOHNSTOWN — Fulton County’s first quarter sales tax increased by nearly $600,000 from last year — a sign officials indicate means internet sales continue at a brisk pace during the COVID—19 pandemic.

County Treasurer Terry Blodgett recently released sales tax distribution figures from the state for the first quarter on 2021.

Data shows that overall, Fulton County’s first quarter sales tax receipts totaled $5,827,236. That represented a $592,707 boost from the first quarter sales tax of $5,234,529 in the first quarter of 2020.

“A lot of this is internet sales because its skyrocketed since the pandemic began,” Blodgett said.

The county official also noted that businesses such as Curtis Lumber are “booming,” as more and more people seek our building materials for outdoor projects.

Fulton County’s sales tax continues to grow at a healthy clip. Fulton County’s fourth quarter 2020 sales tax revenue — including important holiday revenue — had also increased by over $800,000 from the previous year.

The first quarter report showed that sales tax is a county gross amount totaled about $3.9 million. The total to the county itself was up from $3,580,103 a year ago to $3,796,190 this year.

Revenue amounts for the cities of Gloversville and Johnstown were unavailable in the treasurer’s report.

The total first quarter sales tax for Fulton County’s towns and villages increased by $245,649. It totaled $1,654,426 a year ago, compared to $1,900,076 received this year.

Amounts of municipal first quarter sales tax for the towns and villages were as follows: town of Bleecker — $71,171 — up 15.7 percent; town of Broadalbin — $247,363 — up 17.1 percent; village of Broadalbin — $47,604 — up 16.3 percent; village of Broadalbin in the town of Mayfield — $1,286 — up 57.9 percent; town of Caroga — $177,286 — up 13.6 percent; town of Ephratah — $65,184 — up 12.1 percent; town of Johnstown — $324,534 — up 12.4 percent; town of Mayfield — $339,093 — up 18.3 percent; village of Mayfield — $32,772 — up 17.8 percent; town of Northampton — $216,629 — up 16 percent; village of Northville — $64,038 — up 15.8 percent; town of Oppenheim — $66,273 — up 8.8 percent; village of Dolgeville — $2,970 — up 10.2 percent; town of Perth — $169,167 — up 13.9 percent; town of Stratford — $74,299 — up 9.3 percent.

By Patricia Older