County CRG talking with California company

GLOVERSVILLE — The Fulton County Center for Regional Growth is working with a California company that could eventually come to the county with 15 jobs to start and room to grow.

CRG President/CEO Ronald Peters discussed the possible venture with his board recently at the agency offices.

“We’ve had a very, very busy month,” he told CRG directors.

Peters said he met with a glove sewing operation from California regarding moving into Fulton County. He said the firm was looking to expand into the county with 15 jobs to start, possibly growing into 100 jobs within three years.

In other new business, Peters discussed the latest of a successful $300,000 Site Assessment Grant the CRG previously received through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The grant will review possible sites for environmental cleanup within Fulton County.

“We had discussions so far with them and the consultants,” Peters said.

He said the CRG may be involved with more EPA paperwork by August and September, prior to a required public hearing process and the actual survey of potential projects.

On the CRG’s first Microenterprise Grant Program submission, Peters said it was approved last week by the state.

“I’m getting the money ready to go,” he said.

The second COVID-related Microenterprise Grant Program submission could eventually make $75,000 available to businesses, he said.

Peters reported he had initial talks with a possible large agricultural project.

“We’re just starting the discussions with them,” he said. “At least we’re in the mix.”

The CRG conducted an incentives-review meeting on Zoom with a major employer looking to expand. Peters stated, “That’s going forward.”

A loan application was submitted by a growing small business in Gloversville, Peters said.

The CRG held a recent kickoff meeting for a planned Site Assessment Study — an initiative involving a five to six-month process. The study will look at both Brownfield and Greenfield sites.

“We’ve had two tours of the county so far,” Peters said. “We’re looking at about 20 locations in different phases.”

Peters said the CRG will be hosting the fifth planning meeting for a six-county, Mohawk Valley Brownfield Developer Summit on Oct. 5-6 at the Johnstown Holiday Inn. He said the event may draw 150 participants.

“It’s going to be a great event,” Peters said.

In unfinished business, the CRG is still working with a possible longer-term manufacturing development in Fulton County, he said.

The CRG also has a possible start-up business looking for a location, searching for property in the county. He didn’t get into detail.

“We kind of have exhausted our resources for that kind of use,” he added.

Peters also mentioned the CRG is still seeking additional financial incentives for one of the county’s “main” manufacturers.

By Paul Wager