Cost of COVID begin to add up

JOHNSTOWN — The cost of cleaning up from COVID is starting to add up and impact taxpayers.

The Fulton County Highways & Facilities Department has extra cleaning costs related to the COVID-19 pandemic since the start of the year. The total costs of budget amendments totaled $55,400. State aid will cover $51,316 or 93 percent of that amount.

Department Superintendent Mark Yost on Monday requested a budget amendments to cover additional COVID cleaning from the beginning of 2021. His request was approved by the Board of Supervisors’ Public Works Committee, with the full board lending final approval July 12.

“We’ll do it with a recommendation to Finance [committee] to pull that money out of contingent,” said committee Chairman Gregory Fagan.

Fulton County is responsible for $4,084 or 7 percent, which contingency will cover.

Yost said the amendment to the 2021 budget covers additional COVID cleaning done from Jan. 1 through June 30 for county office buildings.

He said that weekly additional cleaning was performed at the county Office for Aging-Youth on North William Street, Fort Johnstown Annex at East Montgomery Street, Fulton County Complex I & II on Route 29, and the County Office Building on West Main Street at a cost of $200 per week.

In addition, Yost said midday cleaning will continue in the court area of the County Office Building until the end of the year at a cost of $200 per day. That is 100 state funded.

Yost told the committee that his department didn’t have sufficient funds to cover the $4,084 related to cleaning county department offices.

In his operations report, Yost said highway crews have sprayed roadside guide rail and sign posts, done highway pavement markings, continued roadside and airport mowing, continued sign maintenance and replacement, and installed new driveway pipes.

Highway crews have also completed milling on County Highway 132, completed paving on County Highways 119 and 132, and trimmed trees on County Highway 152.

Yost mentioned the state Department of Transportation requested Fulton County plow a roughly five-mile stretch of Route 309 for the state.

Facilities crews have recently continued grounds maintenance and mowing. The county has also: Responded to routine maintenance and trouble calls, changed the contactor on a County Airport door, finished mulch at the Department of Social Services, ran wires for cameras at the county’s 57 E. Fulton St., Gloversville, site; cleaned a County Jail grease trap, did carpeting and mowing work, and did some paper deliveries.

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