Flinton named educator of the year

GALWAY —The Leader-Herald congratulates Jeanine Flinton, who was awarded as Galway’s 2021 Galway Outstanding Educator of the Year.

Flinton has been teaching at Galway since 2007, working her way up to the school’s Project Lead the Way Educator. Before that, she was lifelong member of the PTSA, once even being named volunteer of the year, as well as offering her services as a substitute teacher for all grades.

All this information is gleamed from the school website’s glowing web post announcing Flinton’s award. The post listed both her titles and accomplishments as well as emphasizing admiration for her both as a hard worker and as a good friend to the people she works with. They also listed several of the different departments and committees that she has had a positive impact on. It also makes note of the particularly “challenging and unique” circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic and her dual role in both online and in-person teaching, a massive help given said circumstances.

When asked, Principal Michael Miller had the following to say, “She is an extremely committed teacher. She is the first to arrive and the last to leave, she is incredibly dedicated to our students.”

He also mentioned how hard she has worked to bring modern technology to both the elementary and the middle and high branches of the school, emphasizing how she has opened doors for students in engineering programs and degrees.

By LH Staff