New location sought for town hall

CAROGA — During the municipal golf course committee meeting prior to the Caroga Town Board meeting Wednesday evening, Supervisor Scott Horton announced a new plan for relocating the town hall offices.

While discussing a combination town hall and golf club house combined building possibly just north of the existing town hall, Horton commented that golfers had not been consulted and a shift in mapping the golf course would need to happen to make the change.

“The golfers we spoke to said the best place for a new shop would be by the town barn, just across from the 19th hole at Nick Stoner Inn and in view of both the first and 18th hole,” Horton said.

During the board meeting that followed, a resolution was passed to fund a design for such a new structure near the present town barn.

Jerry Groom III of the course pro shop said new carts had arrived and were being used, but inclement weather had put a damper on activity.

“Our rain gage shows we’ve had 15 inches of rain since the first of June,” Groom said.

Grounds Keeper Steve Stedman stated the wet conditions prompted a need for aeration of the fairways so the run-off could be absorbed.

“There’s been five inches of rain in just the last week,” Stedman said. “The ground is saturated.”

In other matters during the town board meeting, a re-vamping of the street light system in the town was discussed in order to save money. In a contract with Realtime Energy, changing to more efficient lighting will save thousands.

State Assemblyman Robert Smullen attended the meeting and spoke before the board in encouraging infrastructure grant applications for things such as broadband and clean water initiatives regarding invasive species. Smullen said he was happy to meet with any of his constituents at his Johnstown satellite office.

Former Town Councilmember Jeremy Manning said the Wheelerville Bike Trail was temporarily closed due to rain-soaked conditions. He said he’s hoping for an August grand opening in coordination with a concert at Sherman’s from the Caroga Music Festival, but much was weather dependent.

In a report on boat launch usage, the increase over the years at West Canada Lake boat launch alone rose from 1,600 in 2017 to 5,200 in 2020.