Evening of Tango


Astor Piazzolla’s 100th birthday was celebrated with an evening of Tango music performed by Argentinian violinist Alejandro Drago and Caroga Lake Music Festival’s resident artists. From the suburbs of Buenos Aires, to the salons of the European high society, tango dance and music evolved as a unique fusion of Afro-Spanish rhythms and European styles in the melting pot of turn-of-the-century Buenos Aires, flooded by immigrants attracted by the wealth and the vast spaces of Argentina. Tango Rendezvous is a project created by Alejandro Drago, with the intention of furthering Piazzolla’s ideals of combining the highest standards of technical perfection of the world of classical music with the most authentic feeling and tantalizing energy that stem from the tango roots. Tango Rendezvous presents world audiences with a background of traditional tangos and, through an appealing musical journey, introduces them to the exciting world of Nuevo Tango.

By Paul Wager