Glen Mohawk Seniors host monthly meeting

GLEN — The regular meeting of the Glen Mohawk Seniors on July 27 was called to order by President Joe Mancini at 10:30 a.m.

The morning prayer was given by Chaplain Allan Taylor.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all members.

Joe Mancini introduced Floyd Douglas who discussed health insurance plans for seniors. He gave an informative presentation on how to take full advantage of health insurance for retired seniors and the various options available to them.

Vice President Gloria Kimball took roll call. Kimball also welcomed our new member, Marilynn Schneider.

The secretary’s report was read by Joe Mancini. A motion to accept the minutes with one correction, (correction of amount that the tickets would cost for the OFA picnic) was read and was made by Olive Taylor and seconded by Mary Fox. A vote was taken to accept the reading of the minutes and was passed by the membership.

Olive Taylor read the treasurers’ report.

Communications Secretary, Phyllis Smith said she is sending a get well card to Donna Deay.

Kimball read a correspondence from Rosalind Carron acknowledging the Wellness Tea Party and how she enjoyed it.

Committee Reports

Lu Wilmot said that we had 10 people interested in going on the Turning Stone trip and the seniors from Caroga Lake had 10. It was decided by the membership to go on the trip. Wilmot will make the final arrangements with Brown Busing and will contact Grace Bevington to coordinate with her the trip plans. She will give us an update at next Tuesdays meeting.

Wilmot also gave us a quick review of our picnic party and how well it went.Everyone had plenty to eat and enjoyed their time there.

Unfinished Business

Kimball gave us a report on the Wellness Tea Party and how everyone enjoyed it. A total 25 people who participated. Kimball also said that on Aug. 17 we will be having a Hawaiian theme party. More information will be given out in our coming meetings.

Kimball also reminded the By-Law Committee that the next meeting will be today at 9 a.m.


Mancini said that next month we will be collecting for the Food Pantry and also Gloria reminded the membership that next week a separate collection will be taken up for the Outreach Program.


Charlene Fonda read us interesting trivia on food which was very informative.

Daily Raffle

Winner of the first drawing was Marjorie Savoie and winner of the second prize was Gloria Kimball. Also two mystery gifts were raffled off. The two winners were Gloria Kimball and Allan Taylor.


A motion to adjourn was made by Connie Hoyer and 2nd by Addie Forsey. Closing Prayer was given by Chaplain Allan Taylor. Meeting ended at 11:55 a.m.

By Paul Wager