Gloversville man catches rare fish

Mark Clemente of Gloversville with a leucistic lake trout on Lake George in September. Photo supplied.

LAKE GEORGE — Mark Clemente of Gloversville caught and released a lake trout in Lake George the first week of September. The leucistic lake trout was quite a shocker to see when it came out from under the boat. It looked like a giant goldfish. It was just 23 inches, and he would guess in the 5-pound range. It was a very healthy, very chunky laker in every way except color. It was in great shape and went back to the bottom like a rocket when Clemente released him. Clemente used a homemade flutter spoon. He caught it in the south basin of Lake George along with eight other lakers that day. A biologist at the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation looked into it and says this is considered reduced color pigmentation, called leucistic. It’s very rare.

— Ed Noonan, Outdoor Journal

By Paul Wager