Board approves Fulton County Airport projects

Stan Hudy/The Leader-Herald The Fulton County Airport in Johnstown is shown in this file photo.

JOHNSTOWN  — The Fulton County Board of Supervisors at its monthly meeting voted to approve contracts with vendors at the Fulton County Airport, including $27,264 for a repaving and parking lot reconfiguration and a combined $8,500 to replace and maintain a 12,000 gallon Jet A Fuel tank.

The money for both projects is being taken from money already budgeted for the $62,500 local share of the county’s $1.25 million Main Apron Reconstruction Project, approved by the board in April, which will replace the “main apron” parking area for airplanes before they get onto the runway and take off. Since then the U.S. the Federal Aviation Administration approved a 100 percent reimbursement for the entire project, effectively freeing-up the $62,500 local share money to spend on other items at the airport.

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The Board approved these three contracts:

  • $27,264 — to DelSignore Blacktop Paving, of Troy, to repave the existing land vehicle parking lot behind the county airport hanger operated by the airport’s operator The 195 Factory, and a secondary unpaved parking lot, as well a paved access drive from the main parking lot to the Main Apron area.
  • $3,500 —to Albany Tank Services, of Ravena, for the purpose of removing sediment and tank cleaning for a 12,000 gallon Jet A Fuel tank. The cost of the contract includes $3,500 for prevailing wage costs, $1 per gallon for liquid disposal costs and $325 each for fuel drum disposal costs.
  • $5,000 — to Lake Region Environmental Contractors, of Belmont, for the replacement of various fittings, hoses and filters for the Jet A Fuel pumping system.

Fulton County Administrator Jon Stead said the Jet A Fuel project is one of the final steps needed for the regional headquarters of LifeNet of NY — a medical helicopter transport business owned by parent company Colorado-based Air Methods. LifeNet of NY operates 11 air medical transport bases throughout New York state and earlier this year announced it was moving its base in the Town of Glen to Fulton County, which will also serve as its regional headquarters.

“If anyone is wondering why we’re doing so much with Jet A fuel, that’s what those helicopters require,” Stead told the Board of Supervisors. “We’ve had that offline for several years now.”

LifeNet is expected to consume 20,000 gallons per year of Jet A fuel from the airport’s operator The 195 Factory, which suspended its sale of that kind of fuel back in 2013, but is bringing the fuel back online to accommodate LifeNet.

Stead praised Fulton County Planning Director Scott Henze for helping to bring LifeNet to the Fulton County Airport.

“They are up and operating right now at the airport, so a pretty major accomplishment, so we can thank our planning department for that, and building and grounds and facilities, they were helpful too,” Stead said.

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By Jason Subik

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