Gloversville Common Council sets public hearing for garbage rules


Gloversville City Hall is seen at 3 Frontage Road.

GLOVERSVILLE — The Common Council has set Dec. 14 as the date for a public hearing to modify the city’s garbage collection ordinance to allow city residents to place their Twin Bridges trash receptacles within view from the street, provided they remain closed with the garbage inside of them.

The city’s current garbage ordinance requires the plastic trash cans to be stored out of sight from the road in an “enclosed shed” or out-building. The council tasked City Attorney Amanda Rose with writing an amendment to the ordinance to allow the trash bins, which have wheels, to be stored within view of the street. The council will vote on the ordinance change after the public hearing on Dec. 14.

First Ward Councilwoman Marcia Weiss said the consensus of the council decided the change would be of benefit to the residents of Gloversville.

“It was actually a group discussion,” Weiss said. “We all felt that with the new garbage collection and cans, we could make changes, to make it a bit easier on the residents, especially the seniors.”

Mayor Vince DeSantis said that after the garbage ordinance change is approved, residents will be able to store the garbage cans on a property’s front porch, or in front of a house or the side of a house, provided they remain closed with no visible garbage bags coming out of them.

“As long as the trash bags aren’t exposed, we thought it would be permissible to make the [visability] requirements less stringent,” DeSantis said. “On garbage day, you put the trash receptacle on the curb. They’re on the street and the bags are in the containers and the [Twin Bridges garbage truck] machine picks up the containers very efficiently. So, the rule is still in effect that you can’t have loose bags hanging out next to the garbage can. They aren’t going to pick that up.”

The Common Council voted 5-2 on Feb. 23 to contract with Clifton Park-based Twin Bridges Waste and Recycling to take over for the city’s six-man garbage collection service. The contract with Twin Bridges agreed to by the Common Council calls for three one-year extensions that the council can approve or discontinue on an annual basis.

During the first year of the service from May 1 to April 30, 2022, Twin Bridges will charge Gloversville $8.50 per month for each single family, two family and three family dwelling that takes advantage of the service, each being provided at least one 95 gallon garbage pail.

The per house collection rates will rise to $8.59 per household in 2023, to $8.77 per household in 2024 and then to $8.95 in the final year of the contract in 2025.

DeSantis said any resident who is having difficulty fitting all of their garbage into the 95-gallon Twin Bridges pail can request an additional pail and Twin Bridges will provide it to the resident at no charge. He said he believes the privatization of Gloversville’s garbage collection has been a great success, and he intends to support the city exercising its option to extend the contract at the end of the first year period.

“The city is cleaner. The [Dept. of Public Works] is much more efficient because it has more manpower to do other things, saving the city money — it’s really been a big, big win for the city,” DeSantis said.




By Jason Subik

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