A frightening 6-day saga: Woman alleges she was kidnapped, tortured in Fulton County


The trailer at 1795 Highway 107, lot 18, in Broadalbin, where a woman was allegedly held and tortured for six days, is seen here on Friday. Inset: From left are Nicole K. Elmore and Justin J. Wilson, both of Amsterdam.

PERTH – A woman was kidnapped then assaulted, tortured and sexually abused over a six-day period in Perth, before being taken to an unknown house Jan. 6 and taking her chance to escape, authorities said. The woman suffered significant injuries in the prolonged attack, state police said.

The woman’s escape then led police to arrest two people and charge them with crimes that could lead to prison sentences of up to life, if convicted.

Arrested were Justin J. Wilson, 31, and Nicole K. Elmore, 35, of Amsterdam. They each face one count each of first-degree kidnapping, first-degree assault and first-degree aggravated sexual abuse, all high-level felonies.

Wilson and Elmore are accused of holding the victim captive for six days at the residence in the Town of Perth. Troopers described the victim as being known to the two accused of kidnapping her.

The woman endured brutal torture from the two over those six days, she told police, according to an affidavit filed in court.

The torture included the pair severing the woman’s pinkie finger, then burning the wound with a flame. The torture also included whippings and strangulation to the point of unconsciousness, along with sexual assault, the woman’s account reads.

The kidnapping itself began on New Year’s Eve as she arrived at a West Fulton Street home in Gloversville, her account reads.

Wilson pushed his way into the home holding a gun and soon forced the victim into a dark SUV, her account reads.

“I was afraid that he would severely hurt me if I didn’t,” the victim wrote in her account.

She estimated the vehicle then drove for 45 minutes before it arrived at a trailer in Perth, her account reads.

There, she told authorities she was beaten and locked in a room with a pit bull. She identified the residence as Elmore’s and contended Elmore “was involved with everything,” the victim’s account reads.

The torture continued on the second day and beyond. On the second day, she reported she was told to close her eyes and then burned on multiple parts of her body.

She was then demeaned and sexually abused, according to her account. That’s when Wilson severed the end of her right pinkie, her account reads.

The torture then continued each day until she saw her opportunity to escape, her account reads.

Placed back in the SUV and driven for another approximately 45 minutes, Wilson driving, the vehicle arrived near Eagle Street in Gloversville, her account reads.

Wilson got out and entered a house, leaving the victim behind in the vehicle. That’s when she fled, first to a cab stand and then on to her grandfather’s house.

Her grandfather then took the freed woman to Nathan Littauer Hospital and called police.

Both Wilson and Elmore were arrested, arraigned and ordered held without bail.

Wilson’s attorney, Stephen Rockmacher, later acknowledged the gruesome details of the case.

“I certainly hope it’s not true,” he said. Rockmacher said he was with Wilson for the arraignment but hadn’t discussed details with his client. He was expecting to speak to Wilson sometime in the next day or so.

Rockmacher said he has represented Wilson in criminal cases as recently as December in the Town of Perth and Town of Johnstown’s courts. Rockmacher also said Wilson has a pending matter in Fulton County Family Court.

Wilson and Elmore are scheduled to appear in Town of Perth Court on Feb. 7, however, the cases are likely to be transferred to Fulton County Court.

Acting-Fulton County District Attorney Amanda Nellis confirmed the details of Friday’s arraignments, but she said she couldn’t comment further.

“As of right now it’s still under investigation, so that’s all I’m going to say,” she said.

Elmore’s lawyer Christopher Savino could not be reached on Friday.

Updated Jan. 12, 2022

By Andrew Waite

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  • Did she go to a “grocery store” that denied her help, or was that a misprint in the original writeup in the TU? If it is indeed true, let’s not gloss over it. Close to the taxi stand, there’s only 2 places it could possibly be.

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