Gloversville Downtown Revitalization Initiative committee set for in-person meeting


Gloversville Mayor Vince DeSantis speaks in front of St. Thomas Square regarding the city’s DRI projects in Gloversville on Monday, February 14, 2022.

About 10 economic development projects are expected to be discussed Wednesday when the the local planning committee for Gloversville’s $10 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative holds its first in-person  public meeting from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Glove Theatre.

“Some of these (open call projects) are really significant, so we’re excited about that going forward,” Mayor Vince DeSantis told the Common Council last week.

Between 10 and 12 new DRI project ideas were submitted to the committee by members of the public during the “open call” for additional projects which ended at the end of February, said DeSantis, who co-chairs the committee with Wally Hart, executive director of the Lexington Foundation.

Gloversville won the 5th Round of the $10 million DRI grant contest with an application that included 18 potential economic development projects each seeking some funding from the $10 million grant, but it’s the job of the 15-member LPC to select which projects will actually be included in the “Strategic Investment Plan” submitted to New York state by June 8.

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“That gives the state some time to review it, and make any changes the New York State Department of State wants to make,” DeSantis said. “Then later in the year, I believe September or October, we will get the state-approved Strategic Investment Plan.”

The Strategic Investment Plan will include economic development projects requesting about $15 million in state funding, and state officials will then select approximately $10 million worth of the requests to fund through the DRI grant. Gloversville is also contributing an additional $1 million of its own reserves for the process.

DeSantis said the LPC could choose any of the Open Call projects to be included in the Strategic Investment Plan. He said he is pleased with the pace the LPC has made with its online meetings and now moving to in-person for Wednesday.

“We have learned that out of the 20 DRI (grants) issued in the state (in 2021), we are ahead of everybody else,” he said. “We are the first one to have our initial meeting. The first to get early on this. We’re really on track with this.”

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Gloversville Downtown Development Specialist James Hannahs said the major topic of the in-person meeting will be reviewing “critical issues, challenges, and opportunities in Downtown Gloversville and how the DRI will be addressing them”, as well as discussing the newly submitted Open Call projects for the first time.

“The public is encouraged to submit public remarks via comment cards and website contact form (found at),” Hannahs said.

In addition to attending the LPC meeting in-person on Wednesday members of the public can also view the livestream or recording of the LPC meeting on the “City of Gloversville, New York – City Hall” Facebook page or through an open zoom link found online at

Hannahs said members of the public with any questions about meeting accessibility should contact him at 518-725-7700 or via email at [email protected]

“Local community members play a pivotal role in the planning stages and implementation of DRI projects,” Hannahs wrote in a news release announcing the in-person meeting. “The LPC encourages input from the public and will offer opportunities to do so in the form of a live chat function within the LPC meeting livestream. The public will also be able to submit comments at any time through the Gloversville DRI website LPC meetings are working meetings conducted by the LPC co-chairs.”

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