7th edition of Wine and Food Festival in Gloversville a success


Event attendees and vendors fill the streets of downtown Gloversville for the 7th Annual Southern Adirondack Wine and Food Festival on Saturday. Credit: Osama Mustafa/CITY OF GLOVERSVILLE

A warm, sunny day on Saturday helped the 7th Annual Southern Adirondack Wine and Food Festival take in $7,979 worth of revenue for Gloversville’s Recreation Commission — a 31.5% increase over last year’s edition of the event.

“This year we had a much larger turnout for both tasting entrance and general admission,” City Clerk Jenni Mazur said.

The annual event — which features wine, cider, beer and liquor tastings, as well as vendors for prepared and packaged food and arts and crafts — has been held in downtown Gloversville seven times, but was canceled in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mazur, who is the liaison between the city Common Council and Recreation Commission which organizes the festival, said this year’s edition of the event changed up the ticket pricing from 2021 when the total proceeds were only $5,633.

“This year we charged $15 for tasting wristbands and general admission was free,” she said. “Last year we charged $10 for tasting and $5 for general admission.”

Saturday’s 7th Annual Southern Adirondack Wine and Food Festival featured 12 different tasting vendors.

“Tasting entrants received free tastings from those vendors and a complimentary wine bottle opener from the Recreation Commission,” Mazur said. “Since we didn’t charge for general admission it is tough to know how many attended but we estimated at least 1,700 total attendees throughout the day.”

Mazur said revenue raised by the festival will be used to pay for future city events as well as park improvements.

“Similar to what we did at Spring Street Park in 2021, and are now working on in Elk Street Park,” she said.

By Jason Subik

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