City of Johnstown to right solar moratorium mistake


JOHNSTOWN – The city of Johnstown must reenact its solar moratorium after it only passed a resolution establishing it, not a local law, which is required by the state. 

“They’re going to do it at the next meeting I believe,” said City Attorney Mike Poulin.

Poulin said Thursday he realized the mistake after not being in attendance at the Monday night meeting to catch it, and is now drafting the law. 

The city council approved the resolution Monday, which established a six-month moratorium on solar following the city’s first ever proposal. 

The city’s stance follows in the same footsteps as other municipalities in Fulton County, including most recently the town of Broadalbin, which approved a 12-month moratorium at its meeting last week. 

The moratorium also comes after the city’s Planning Board was originally scheduled to hold a public hearing regarding a 1.6-megawatt solar farm proposed by Solar Power Network LLC for Daisy Lane that is estimated to cost around $2.4 million to construct. However, the Department of State requires a local law and, therefore, a public hearing before the council could vote to enact a moratorium. 

Mayor Amy Praught said Thursday she anticipated talking with the city attorney Friday about everything before deciding on whether to wait until the next meeting or perhaps calling a special meeting. 

“I’m waiting to have that discussion,” she said.

By Shenandoah Briere

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