Gloversville Housing Authority board members see rise in occupancy rate

GLOVERSVILLE Several members of the Gloversville Housing Authority Board on Monday said the most recent housing report data for the GHA shows the occupancy percentage for the authority’s three buildings has been steadily rising.

GHA board member Lashawn Hawkins said some members of the public who attended the authority’s July 12 meeting may have been confused by some of the information that was presented, resulting in people believing the occupancy percentage was going down and that some of the units at the authority’s three rental complexes — Dubois Garden Apartments, Forest Hill Towers and Kingsboro Towers — and that the units might soon loose their rent controls and be offered as “market rate” apartments.

“That’s a sad rumor,” Hawkins said. “We [tried to explain to the confused person that occupancy was rising], but she didn’t want to hear any of that. So, we figured somebody was going to [spread this inaccuracy]. Actually, for the first time since I’ve been on the damn board [starting in February 2021], we’re having an increase in occupancy of these units. Whereas, when I first started we were kind of struggling on so many levels.”

The minutes from the GHA board’s July 12 meeting show GHA Director Jason Mazur reported to the board that overall occupancy for the authority was up 3% for the month of June.

GHA Vice Chairman John Poling then asked Mazur about the “wait list” of prospective tenants at the authority and Mazur said there were 60 people on the waiting list.

Hawkins said the July housing report shows the numbers have improved again over the past month. She said part of the credit should go to Mazur’s tenure as director.

“Things are turning in a very positive direction, Jason’s is working his [butt] off, honestly,” she said. “Our waiting list continues to grow, so it’s not like we’re in a position where we’re filling apartments but not having people apply. We’re still having people avidely apply.”

Hawkins said the housing report data that will be revealed during the board’s Aug. 8 meeting will show that 86% of the Dubois Garden’s 293 units are currently occupied, with 100% of them receiving some form of government assistance. She said for Kingsboro Towers, which has 910 units, 91% are occupied, and 85% are occupied with individuals receiving some kind of social security assistance. Forest Hill Towers, which has 100 units, had the lowest occupancy percentage at 81%, and 78% of the units are occupied by individuals receiving social security assistance.

“[Forest Hill Towers having the lowest percentage occupancy is] mainly due to an electrical problem that we had there,” she said. “We’ve had about 15 units there that have been under construction recently.”

GHA board member Ellen Anadio, who also serves as Gloversville’s 4th Ward council member, confirmed Hawkins analysis of the GHA occupancy rates. She agreed that some members of the public have developed a false impression of the occupancy data for the GHA.

“I’ve heard that rumor too, and I don’t know where they got it from,” she said. “I’m in agreement with Lashawn.”

The GHA board of directors will meet Aug. 8 at 6 p.m.

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By Jason Subik

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  • Hasn’t there always been a waiting list for all these buildings? What was the occupancy rate while Mattice was director?

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