Hannahs to stay on as Glove Theatre president


Gloversville Downtown Development Specialist James Hannahs speaks beside Gloversville Mayor Vince DeSantis in front of 12-18 S Main Street regarding the city’s DRI projects in Gloversville on Monday, February 14, 2022.


James Hannahs recently said he intends to continue to serve as president of the Glove Theatre’s Board of Directors after he begins his new job as the executive director of the Greene County Economic Development Corp. on Aug. 15.

“We have a lot of stuff going on at the Glove that I still want to be in a position to guide and lead,” Hannahs said. “We just hired a new employee. We are a major project in the ($10 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative grant), and we have revved up programing that’s coming up. The Glove is, arguably, the most active it’s every been since reopening, consistently speaking. So, I very much want to be in a position to help guide that further.”

The Local Planning Committee for Gloversville’s $10 million DRI grant in June submitted its final list of economic development projects seeking funding from the grant, including a $2 million restoration project at the Glove Theatre. New York state will likely announce which DRI projects in Gloversville receive funding either near the end of this year or early in 2023, but it appears likely the Glove Theatre project will be funded.

Hannahs, who helped write Gloversville’s successful 5th Round application for the $10 million DRI, said he wants to remain in his role with the Glove Theatre at least through the end of the renovation project.

“We have capacity to improve at the Glove Theatre, especially when it comes to the DRI kicking-in and other grants and funding sources we want to get,” he said. “We have to prove capacity, and I would like to keep consistency and stability as a member of the executive committee on the board of the theater. I don’t believe that leaving right now would be the proper display of that. The beauty of it is that we’ve hired an employee to take care of the operations and the day-to-day stuff at the theater, who’s doing a fabulous job, and I can maintain some long term planning and implementation goals remotely. I still have contacts with our contractors and architects, and I have someone on site who can meet with them and do the leg work. I can continue this role remotely, comfortably.”

Hannahs recently announced he would be leaving his position as the Gloversville Downtown Development Specialist for the Fulton County Center for Regional Growth — a job he’s done for the past two and a half years — in order to take the job in Greene County.

“This difficult decision was made after thorough deliberation and consultation with colleagues, teammates, friends, and family,” he said in a released statement. “While we are in the middle of planning dozens of projects and events, I feel strongly that CRG and the City of Gloversville will continue the momentous force we have been building for the past five years.”

One of the events that Hannahs had been the co-chair for was the planned FJ&G ThoroughFair community event scheduled for Aug. 13, but that, at least for now, has been canceled, in part because Hannahs is moving to the Town of Catskill in Greene County in anticipation of starting his new job, leaving only the event’s remaining co-chair Jessica Henry McClements to manage the event.

“A lot of the last-minute tying up loose ends and decisions to make was a lot to give to one chair of the committee,” Hannahs said. “Jessica and I talked about it and we thought it would be better to postpone the event until we get a little better bearings.”

FJ&G ThoroughFair event concept was a joint venture of the Fulton County CRG and the Johnstown Professional Business Association and had planned to try to unite the downtown areas of the Glove Cities with a series of live musical performances as well as arts presentations, environmental educational events utilizing the cayadutta creek and historical tours of locations like Parkhurst Field, all taking place near the Rail Trail bike path that runs along what was the old FJ&G Railroad line.

Local musician and former Leader-Herald city editor/columnist Bill Ackerbauer on Wednesday said an effort is underway under the auspices of the Glove Cities Arts Alliance and Johnstown Arts & Music to attempt to continue the planned musical aspect of the FJ&G ThoroughFair on Aug. 13, but without that event name.

Hannahs, a Johnstown native, said he’s hopeful the collaboration that was started between the downtowns of Johnstown and Gloversville for the FJ&G ThoroughFair will continue. He said he plans to return to Gloversville frequently to manage his home, which he plans to rent out, and to continue overseeing activities at the Glove Theatre.

“My tenure with CRG led to many wonderful and productive relationships,” Hannahs said of his tenure as the Gloversville Downtown Development specialist. “The invaluable experience I gained through this position will continue to be a part of my practice going forward as the Executive Director of the Greene County Economic Development Corporation in Catskill. I look forward to implementing the best practices I learned while working with the incredible team at CRG.”


By Jason Subik

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