Nathan Littauer Hospital brings The EVENT gala back after COVID


GLOVERSVILLE — The EVENT gala returns to its pre-pandemic scale this Friday to help raise money for new hospital equipment Nathan Littauer Hospital. 

The EVENT is the annual gala to benefit Nathan Littauer Hospital, which typically raises about $100,000. The event was unable to be held in-person last year, and it was scaled back significantly the year before because of COVID. The EVENT returns in full-force in Gloversville this Friday.

“This is our first year returning to a normal in-person event,” Nathan Littauer Hospital vice president of business development Geoffrey Peck said. “We’re focused on rejuvenation. We feel that’s a theme that rings pertinent for a lot of reasons, the world is starting to move into a little bit more optimistic place and we’re feeling hopeful and we’d like to inspire our patients in recovery.”

This is the fundraiser’s 20th year, Peck said.

This year, the fundraiser will be receiving a matching gift from the Johnstown Hospital Foundation for $50,000, Peck said. He explained the foundation will match the first $50,000 raised in the fundraiser.

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“We’re helping to support the foundation’s commitment to the hospital to purchase about $820,000 worth of equipment,” Peck said. “That includes a house-wide fluid pump system, a scope system for our ENT group, and an advanced surgical microscope.

The EVENT usually has between 150 -200 people in attendance, each year there is a theme to the event. Decorations at The EVENT will feature the peacock, Peck said. A peacock symbolizes regrowth and rejuvenation, Peck explained.

“Peacock has a unique tie to Nathan Littauer Hospital,” Peck said. “In 1896 the founder of our hospital, Lucious Littauer, purchased a peacock that actually roamed the grounds of the original hospital. We think Lucious would be happy about this.”

Last year the foundation donated $1.2 million to the hospital to purchase equipment, Peck said. During the pandemic revenues at the hospital have decreased, and at the same time, expenses have increased, he explained.

“So, support from the foundation is more important than ever before,” Peck said.

The EVENT is the hospital’s largest fundraiser of the year, Peck said.

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By Natasha Vaughn-Holdridge

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