For this Thanksgiving, we asked: What are you thankful for?


Top: Liz Latza and Tony Ferraro; Bottom: Kelly Ciancanelli and Ava Priamo

FULTON COUNTY – Ahead of this Thanksgiving, we went out and asked what people are thankful for. What we heard:

Liz Latza, Perth

Health, for family members as well as myself. This has not been a good year. A family member diagnosed with cancer. I’m thankful for mine and I’m praying for him.


Tony Ferraro, Gloversville

I must say to you I am thankful for my health, I’m thankful for my family and a lot of good friends. I’ll tell you they start right here at the Gloversville Senior Center. A lot of good people coming in here, enjoy their time together and that’s what we need to do, because we’ve had a lot of bad times in the past.


Randy Smith, Gloversville

I am thankful for my friends, my family, my health. I’ve had some struggles but I am doing well. I am grateful for this Gloversville Senior Center. It offers me many daily opportunities to volunteer, which allows me to share with the other members of the senior group that come here.

I am also grateful for the city of Gloversville for supporting us, assisting us with a grant for a building evaluation, which we sorely need. God bless the city, and I do wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving, hope that they have a lot of good wishes back — and good food.


Maggie Boltash, Broadalbin

I’m thankful for family and friends. I’m thankful that I’m able to involve myself with many people. I cook for veterans, the Petoff Gardens lower building for the women and men. I have always been involved in helping people.


Kelly Ciancanelli, Gloversville

I am grateful for the fact that I opened my dress shop, Two of Cups Couture. It took me three years to get it open so I’m very grateful for that. I am grateful for my friends and family here in this town. I came from outside of Gloversville and I’ve been here for three or four years and I’ve made it my home, and probably my permanent residency.


Ava Priamo, Broadalbin

I am grateful for spending time with my family and that everyone around me is healthy. I’m grateful for COVID coming more to an end, in the sense of community that Broadalbin has been able to bring together to help everyone out during this really hard time.


Betty Twardy, Johnstown

I am thankful for my family, having a great-grandson that was just born. I have lots of great-grandchildren, a wonderful family and we love each other. Family is important.


Judy Flanger, Gloversville

Family is very important. How fortunate we all are, how I am and my children for sure. Family, children, health, those are the three things.


Susanne Shaver, Johnstown

I’m just grateful for the health that I do have, enough that I can come to [Johnstown Senior Center] to do yoga. Spending Thanksgiving with my son and daughter-in-law, be about 18 or 20 of them, God bless them! 

I’m just glad 2022 is getting over with and we’re going to be closer to 2023. I’m looking forward to it.


Marcia Vicencio, Johnstown

I’m embracing the fact that my whole family is healthy, everybody seems pretty calm and going on with their lives in a wonderful manner. Thankful that we get to do what we can do now and able to be outside and be with each other. It’s much better now.


Tanyalynnette Grimes, Gloversville

I am thankful for my community and the way that they have come out to support our new business ventures in Gloversville, and how that carries over into the work that we do in the Community Foundation [of the Adirondack Foothills].

When people support the Micropolis [Art Gallery] businesses, they are also supporting contributions into the Community Foundation, which allows us to do things like putting on the Thanksgiving meal [3,000 meals], Coats for Kids and those types of programs.

I’m really thankful that people are starting to see how business and community can co-exist harmoniously. 


Linda Hinkle, Johnstown

I’m thankful that we are starting to get health issues in order.


Doug Nelson, Mayfield

I’m grateful that I was born when I was, before lunatics with nut-job theories of reality were able through social media to spread their conspiracy theories and lies to millions of gullible people.

When families and friends ate, played and spoke with each other without a phone in their hand and their attention somewhere else.

Before decisions affecting people’s lives were made by computer algorithms and you could believe your eyes and ears.

Before privacy was but a delightful memory that people were willing to exchange for the efficiency of high-tech and AI.

NOTE: Nelson wrote this for his grandchildren, who announce what they are grateful for before each meal. This was his contribution to their tradition.


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