State Sen. Tedisco says farewell to representing Fulton County


Fulton County Board Chairman Gregory Fagan and State Sen. James Tedisco at the Fulton County Board of Supervisors meeting Monday.

JOHNSTOWN — State Senator James Tedisco received a fond farewell from the county he represented the past six years as he was honored during the Fulton County Board of Supervisors meeting on Nov. 14.

The Schenectady Republican was first elected to the State Senate in the 49th District in 2016, a district that encompasses all of Fulton and Hamilton counties, as well as portions of Saratoga and Schenectady counties.

After redistricting in the spring realigned the political geography, Tedisco opted to run this fall in the 44th District, which includes a portion of Schenectady County and all of Saratoga County.

While Tedisco handily defeated Democrat Michelle Ostrelich on Nov. 8 to win the district, his time representing Fulton County will end when he is sworn in as the representative for the 44th District in January.

“I call this county a jewel of a county in New York State,” Tedisco told the Fulton County board on Nov. 14. “You are an oasis because you’re able to deal with some of these [state] policies and provide the quality of life that you do for your constituents.”

During the meeting, Fulton County Chairman of the Board Gregory Fagan read a proclamation honoring Tedisco for his service to the county.

“Senator Tedisco’s affable personality and record of firebrand leadership on issues important to his constituents made him a recognizable force in the legislature,” Fagan said. “Senator Tedisco’s accomplishments and advocacy have bound the government and community closer together for the betterment of upstate New York and each and every constituent he serves.”

Special master Jonathan Cervas redrew the State Senate maps in May after a state judge previously threw out both the State Senate and State Assembly versions drawn by the Democratic-controlled State Legislature.

“He [Cervas] took my house out of the district by about a mile and a half,” Tedisco said to laughs during the meeting. “So I’m standing in a field and there’s my district all around me. It was bittersweet. Not only because of that, it’s a great district that I won by 17,000 votes this time, but Fulton County wasn’t in it.”

Republican Mark Walczyk won an unopposed election on Nov. 8 to fill Tedisco’s seat in the 49th District.

“He’s going to be a fighter for you,” Tedisco told the board.

Tedisco told the Fulton supervisors that he would continue to stay in contact with the county administration and its residents.

“I’ll never forget Fulton County,” he said during the meeting. “I will always try to protect you and help you. I’m just one message or phone call away. You’re a big part of my heart and I really loved representing this county.”

Tedisco, who previously served in the State Assembly from 1983 to 2016, said that he was embraced by the county immediately upon his election six years ago.

“You can take Tedisco out of Fulton County, but you can never take Fulton County out of Jim Tedisco,” he concluded.

By Ted Remsnyder

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