Foothills Council field hockey all-stars announced


Johnstown’s Caroline Krempa celebrates after her penalty corner went into the cage against Hoosick Falls in a game on Oct. 30.

Several Johnstown and Gloversville players were among those named to the Foothills Council field hockey all-star team, which was announced Sunday at the Section II Field Hockey banquet.

Johnstown had Caroline Krempa, Cole Krempa, and Ayaka Sasaki named first-team all-stars, while Gloversville defender Maia Morales and midfielder Charlotte Perron also earned first-team honors.

Sasaki, a senior forward, posted nine goals and 18 assists for Johnstown this season to earn her second first-team selection. She also was named to the all-state team along with South Glens Falls midfielder Lillian Willis and Queensbury forward Dani Hand.

Johnstown also had junior defender Parker Klingbeil, senior midfielder Emily Pertell and senior defender Reegan Wilcox named second-team all-stars. Klingbeil was named to the second team for the third time, while Pertell had 11 goals and six assists this season for the Lady Bills. Gloversville had forward Annabelle Frisch and defender Hannah Kolesnikov named to the second team.

Johnstown’s Jena Barker, Ava Barker and Nicole Simon were named honorable mention, along with Gloversville’s Aaron McDuffie and Deeanna Douglas.

Ava Barker, a junior forward, had 11 goals and three assists this season, while Jena Barker, a junior midfielder, notched 10 goals and two assists. Simon, a senior midfielder, finished the season with seven goals and seven assists for the Lady Bills.

South Glens Falls, which reached the state Class B semifinals, had goalie Ava Reynolds, midfielder Nora Trimarchi, forward Mia Benincasa and Willis named first-team Foothills Council all-stars. Hand, midfielder Kendra Ballard and defender Kaitlyn Barton were named to the first-team for Queensbury, while Schuylerville defender Alexa Prouty and midfielder MaKenna Hart also earned first-team recognition.

Rounding out the first-team selections were Scotia-Glenville goalie Maya Westbrook, Glens Falls midfielder Kendall Gross, Scotia-Glenville midfielder Maddie Darling and Glens Falls forward Natalie Frasier.

In addition to their first-team selections, South Glens Falls had defender Katelyn Klotz, forward Mackenna Huestis, defender Isabella Sefcik and defender Ava Shirk named second-team all-stars.

Queensbury had defender Kendal Kelsey, defender Ryan Allen and goalie Abigail Kittell named to the second team, while Schuylerville forwards Katherine Elder and Sora Dupras also earned second-team honors.

Rounding out the second-team honorees were Scotia-Glenville defender Sam Baccari, Glens Falls midfielder Sylvia Slingerland, Scotia-Glenville defender Autumn Kramer and Glens Falls midfielder Macklin McGrath.

South Glens Falls’ Kaia Dake, Isabella Iorio and Lauren Durfey were named honorable mention, along with Queensbury’s Maddy Moger, Brianna Zehr and Katie Gannon.

Rounding out those earning honorable-mention status were Glens Falls’ Izzie Aurelia and Maggie Goodwin; Schuylerville’s Daisy Mehan and Ruby Mehan; and Scotia-Glenville’s Maddy Horan and Calleigh Jensen.

2022 Foothills Council Field Hockey All-Stars
First Team
Goalie: Ava Reynolds (South Glens Falls), Maya Westbrook (Scotia-Glenville).
Defense: Kaitlyn Barton (Queensbury), Alexa Prouty (Schuylerville), Mia Morales (Gloversville).
Midfield: Nora Trimarchi (South Glens Falls), Lillian Willis (South Glens Falls), Caroline Krempa (Johnstown), Kendra Ballard (Queensbury), MaKenna Hart (Schuylerville), Maddie Darling (Scotia-Glenville), Kendall Gross (Glens Falls), Charlotte Perron (Gloversville).
Forward: Mia Benincasa (South Glens Falls), Ayaka Sasaki (Johnstown), Cole Krempa (Johnstown), Dani Hand (Queensbury), Natalie Frasier (Glens Falls).
Second Team
Goalie: Abigail Kittell (Queensbury),
Defense: Katelyn Klotz (South Glens Falls), Isabella Sefcik (South Glens Falls), Ava Shirk (South Glens Falls), Parker Klingbeil (Johnstown), Reegan Wilcox (Johnstown), KEndal Kelsey (Queensbury), Ryan Allen (Queensbury), Sam Baccari (Scotia-Glenville), Hannah Kolesnikov (Gloversville)
Midfield: Emily Pertell (Johnstown), Sylvia Slingerland (Glens Falls), Macklin McGrath (Glens Falls)
Forward: Mackenna Huestis (South Glens Falls), Katherine Elder (Schuylerville), Sora Dupras (Schuylerville), Autumn Kramer (Scotia-Glenville), Annabelle Frisch (Gloversville)
Honorable Mention
Queensbury: Maddy Moger, Brianna Zehr, Katie Gannon.
Glens Falls: Izzie Aurelia, Maggie Goodwin.
Schuylerville: Daisy Mehan, Ruby Mehan.
Johnstown: Jena Barker, Ava Barker, Nicole Simon.
Gloversville: Aaron McDuffie, Deeanna Douglas.
Scotia-Glenville: Maddy Horan, Calleigh Jensen.
South Glens Falls: Kaia Dake, Isabella Iorio, Lauren Durfey.

By Paul Wager

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