Mayfield schools no longer considered in ‘need of improvement’ by state

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MAYFIELD – The Mayfield Central School District is no longer considered in need of improvement by the New York State Education Department.

The district had previously been placed on a list of schools in need of improvement in November 2018, based on accountability standards of the Federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The district was named a “target district” and the junior-senior high school was included on the list as a comprehensive support and improvement school.

“The district is being removed from the New York State Education Department’s list of schools in need of improvement. We are no longer a target district,” said Superintendent Christopher Harper in a statement. “The high school also made it off that list as a comprehensive support and improvement school. This leaves no district school buildings identified.”

Districts that struggled to prepare some of their student subgroups on some or all indicators are identified as target districts by the state department of education.

The school district has had to develop plans to address and improve student achievement through parent engagement activities, professional development, and adjustments in instructional practices, Harper said in a statement. Plans were developed with the school district, school staff and faculty and the community, he said.

“Working our way off of one of these lists was due to the hard work of everyone involved, and it is a big win for our school district.” Harper said.

Everyone in the school district from the faculty, staff, teachers, transportation, facilities, food service, office staff and more play a vital role in the education of the children, Harper said.

“Likewise, each and every member of our local community plays a vital role in supporting the education of our children,” Harper said. “We appreciate and thank all of them.”

The Every Student Succeeds Act is the main federal law for K-12 public education which replaced the Federals requires that states hold public schools accountable for how students achieve. New York State established a set of indicators to measure school and district performance.

The accountability system classifies schools into one of three categories: In Good Standing, a Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) school, or a Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI) school.

The federal government approved New York’s plan to spend the approximately $1.6 billion the state receives annually under ESSA in January 2018. Mayfield Central School District was placed on the list in November of 2018, the first year that new accountability statuses were assigned under the ESSA.

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