Amsterdam police seek help identifying owner of dogs abandoned in Veterans Park

Two dogs under a picnic table

A look at the two brown and white dogs allegedly abandoned last week at Veterans Park in Amsterdam.

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AMSTERDAM — Police are seeking the public’s help identifying the owner of two dogs allegedly abandoned last week at Veterans Park in Amsterdam.

A neighbor contacted police after spotting the dogs tied up in the park around mid-afternoon on Thursday, according to Lt. Joseph Spencer, public information officer for Amsterdam police.

The dogs were friendly when approached by the officer and appeared to be in “adequate” health.

Both dogs were secured by the patrol officer and transferred to Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter. Shelter representatives could not immediately be reached for comment.

It remains unknown exactly how long the dogs were at the park prior to their discovery, but they are not believed to have been there for an extended period.

The incident is being investigated for possible criminal charges of animal abandonment, according to Spencer.

Police are actively seeking surveillance footage from the area and information regarding the identity of the dogs’ owner.

An image of the two brown and white dogs was released by police over social media on Monday.

“We encourage anyone who knows something to speak up,” Spencer said.

Spencer went on to remind the community that there are resources available to assist residents to safely rehome pets they are unable to care for. He recommended contacting local animal shelters or animal control officers to seek support.

“We would encourage them to go that route rather than tying them to municipal property. That is not the proper way to do it,” Spencer said. “It is not good for the dog, not fair for the dog and something we would like to avoid.”

Anyone with information regarding the owner of the discovered dogs is asked to contact the city animal control officer at (518) 842-1100 ext. 238.

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