Gloversville valedictorian Sarah Dworman embraces her passion for performance – CLASS OF 2023

Sarah Dworman, as Melpomene in Gloversville High's 'Xanadu' in March

Sarah Dworman, as Melpomene in Gloversville High’s ‘Xanadu’ in March

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GLOVERSVILLE – Sarah Dworman put her all into theater. Well— almost all — she had to put some energy towards becoming valedictorian.

“Academics were always something I put really high,” she said. “I put homework first and my creative activities were after school.”

Dworman’s debut performance came when she was 7 and she performed in a community theater production of “Peter Pan.”

“I just got bitten by the bug,” she said. “And I haven’t stopped since.”

By this point, she has done over 35 shows across the Capital Region. She has performed at Proctors, Colonial Little Theatre, and a plethora of churches and anywhere else you can fit a stage. One of her favorite shows was “Into the Woods” at Proctors last year. She played the witch.

“It was such a fun show,” she said. “And such an amazing role.”

Dworman also participated in a month-long intensive theater program at Proctors. The local theater has also recognized her for her talent and dedication; she was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Award in this year’s High School Musical Theatre Awards.

And she certainly does it all. Dworman acts, sings, dances and plays the flute.

In the fall, she’ll trek downstate to Vassar College. She hasn’t yet declared a major and that’s part of what attracted her to Vassar. She’ll be a liberal arts major at first and take a variety of classes until she finds her niche. She plans to get involved in theater right away.

“There’s just one course you have to take to do theater productions then you’re good for all four years,” she said.

The school offers a theater major, and the program is certainly on the list of options Dworman is eyeing.

Over the pandemic, the performer began to dabble in songwriting.

“I just really fell in love with Taylor Swift and her ability to tell a story,” she said. “So I tried to do it myself.”

Each year, Gloversville’s band teacher works with a group of students to produce an original song. Dworman worked on the project with several classmates and the song was released at the end of the school year.

The fledgling writer is already making a name for herself and recently won the Great Adirondack Young People Poetry Contest. She even has her own website,

Outside of school and performing, Dworman is a voracious reader. Next up on her list is “Song of Achilles” by Madeline Miller.

“It went pretty viral but I’ve heard great things,” she said. “I’m really excited to read it.”

She has volunteered her time at the Mohawk Cooperative Market, where both of her parents are member-owners.

Her family is close, and she credits her parents as ferocious members of her fan club.

“I absolutely love them,” she said. “I know anyone would say that about their parents but really, they’ve supported me so much.”

When unwinding, Dworman can often be found in nature. She was raised by a lake and loves to kayak and hike, or just go for a walk with her mom to chat about the day.

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