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Dear Readers: Today’s Sound On is about organ donation.

— Heloise

“Dear Heloise: My 17-year-old son received a new kidney after the tragic death of a young woman in an auto accident, and he is now doing fine. He had kidney problems almost from birth, and the doctors said I’d lose him before he turned 30 unless he received a kidney transplant. No parent wants to outlive his or her children, but thankfully a donor was finally found. I would like to raise awareness of how desperately donated organs are needed. To those who have graciously become organ donors, thank you, from a very grateful mother.”

— Lisa G., Ann Arbor, Mich.

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Fast facts

Dear Heloise: Here are some money-saving tips that help people all year:

∫ Clip coupons and carry them in a separate container in your purse or wallet.

∫ Brown-bag it to work. Going out to eat gets expensive.

∫ Before you make a purchase “just because you like it,” ask yourself if you really need it.

∫ Call credit-card companies or banks and ask them to drop their penalty or overdraft fees.

— A Reader, via email

Pop the cork!

Dear Heloise: Aloha! I’ve been saving wine bottle corks, and I use them to top skewers when preparing a whole chicken for roasting. You’re safe from poking yourself or tearing the foil, and it’s easy to remove when the cooking is done.

— Liz H., Kauai, Hawaii

Liz, aloha to you, too!

— Heloise

Plastic container ideas

Dear Readers: The question of what to do with all of your empty plastic containers motivated many of you to send me some hints:

Carol F. wrote: “Call a day care center. They usually can use empty plastic containers for crayons, paints or other craft materials.”

Win G. wrote: “I give them to a local senior center, and they use them to send any leftovers home after the daily lunches.”

April B. wrote: “I keep them and fill them with Christmas cookies and candies.”

June K. wrote: “I keep a supply of chalk in empty containers so my granddaughters can draw on the sidewalk when they visit.”

Thanks to all my readers who had so many great ideas to share.

— Heloise

That ‘caps’ it

Dear Heloise: It’s easier to replace the cap on a spray product if the cap is placed upside down on the counter and the upside-down can is pressed into the cap.

— Marge G., via email

Hints from Chammy

Dear Readers: My little dog, Chammy, has suggestions of her own: It’s always a good idea to wash out pet food bowls every week with soap and hot water to make sure that there’s no bacteria growing on your dog’s or cat’s food and water bowls.

— Heloise


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