Town office staff to provide refreshments

CAROGA LAKE — The Nick Stoner Seniors met at noon Feb. 4, with “The Lord’s Prayer” and Pledge of Allegiance followed by the Valentine’s luncheon with pizza, tossed salad and desserts. After lunch Grace Eglin, president, opened the meeting at 1:05 p.m. with the meet and greet your neighbor.

Marion Snell read the secretary’s report which was accepted. Shirley Holliday read the treasury report. Jean Griffin gave the hospitality report

The refreshments for the March 3, meeting will be furnished by the town office crew as a thank you for all the times the seniors invited them to have snacks.

Griffin had a special Valentine’s bingo game to play with candy and invited everyone to stay after the meeting to play.

Marylou Paterson gave the sunshine report. She sent out four birthday cards and one get well card this month. Paterson noted Audrey Gessinger turned age 90 on Feb. 2, and Grace Eglins’s birthday was Feb. 7. The group all sang “Happy Birthday.”

Holliday gave the membership report — the dues are coming in.

Janice McLaughlin gave the pen pal report. She sent an e-mail to the teacher and the seniors will be getting letters more often.

Edna Bennett gave the trip report — Bennett and Mclaughlin will be going to the Browns Bus trip show on Feb. 18.

Linda Rhinehart gave a report on the logo T-shirts. She will make a signup sheet for everyone to order on and the group will order in the spring when the “snowbird” members get back from down south.

In new business: Snell suggested when the group has special luncheons, the calling committee could give members that don’t come to all the meetings, get a reminder call. Eglin asked the calling committee and they will do it for the St. Patrick’s Day luncheon on March 17. Griffin said there will be a signup sheet at the March 3, meeting for anyone that would like to bring food.

Martha Mongato took attendance and sold raffle tickets. There were 23 members present.

The meeting adjourned at 1:25 pm.

The raffle was held. The two winners were Paterson and Bonnie Jaros. The refreshments were served by Griffin, Holliday, Jaros, Jeannine Schwartz and Bennett. The club provided the pizza from the Caroga Red Store.

By Kerry Minor

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