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The Shear Strength of Alpacas

They're child friendly, environmentally friendly and have a downright pleasant disposition. That's why local alpaca farmers say raising the South-American natives that have been domesticated for centuries is a great business for newcomers to the life of farming.What are alpacas?No, they're not llamas, but they are related. Alpacas, llamas and camels are classified as camelids, but alpacas were not bred as pack animals to carry things.Instead, alpacas were domesticated thousands of years ago in South…
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Fortifying Farms

Local farmers have have mixed views on a proposal by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to ease regulations on large-scale dairy operations.Right now farms with up to 200 cows are exempt from regulations requiring extra steps to prevent pollution from cow waste. Cuomo proposed raising the limit to 300 cows so farms in the state can expand without footing extra costs.The Department of Environmental Conservation held public hearings on the proposal and accepted public comments through Jan.…
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A Fine Win for Local Winery

CHARLESTON - Add equal parts skill, patience, passion and dedication. Let ferment about 14 years and the product is a budding winery putting Montgomery County on the state's wine country map.When husband and wife team Ken and Kimm Schick bought a former dairy farm in 1998, they knew they wanted to escape their hurried life in Northwestern New Jersey and settle into a simple life surrounded by rolling hills and greenery. What they didn't know…
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Cuomo proposes changes to equal-pay provision

ALBANY - Under the current state Labor Law's Equal Pay provision, employees who perform the same job cannot be paid differently based on their gender.There are several exceptions to that rule. For example, seniority or a merit system may affect workers' wages.Women working full time in this state earn 84 percent of what men earn according to the state Labor Department. Nationally, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, women in 2010 earned 77 cents…
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Antique store making new memories

NELLISTON - MaryAnn Pierpont always has been fond of antiques and dreamed of opening a shop. In November, she made her dream a reality when she opened Memories Old & New at 62 E. Main St., also Route 5, in November.Pierpont is an Amsterdam native who lived in Long Island and worked as a mental health counselor before returning to Montgomery County to live in Canajoharie about seven years ago.The store, located in a former…
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Many hopeful about job market in new year

Hiring levels nationwide are creeping up toward where they were before the recession began in December 2007 according to the latest data from the U.S. Labor Department.Last month the number of job openings advertised nationwide increased 12 percent from December 2011 with 3.67 million job openings across the U.S.But analysts are saying hiring will remain modest over the next few months since there wasn't much of an increase from October to November.More than 12 million…
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