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I hate to be rushing the season. I certainly hope we have beautiful weather right through to Thanksgiving, but our planning and work has already begun for the 15th annual Kristy Pollak Christmas Event and Drive-Thru Holiday Park for the upcoming season.

Yes, you read this right, this is our 15th season providing a beautiful Christmas experience for everyone to enjoy. As beautiful and fun as our event is, we must not forget the reality behind this. I created this yearly event to help provide support for children with life-threatening illnesses or injuries.

So many children over the past 15 years have benefited from our annual Christmas fundraiser. As a partner with the wonderful Make-A-Wish organization, this enables us to help many more children than we ever could before, but we need your help.

We need new committee members, we are in desperate need of volunteers to help our work detail and we need co-sponsors to help fund this organization as well as to continue to make our park bigger and better each year.

I am asking all businesses for some monetary support to keep the park running, and I will hope that somehow many of you who have been able to enjoy our Christmas displays understand what we try to do for this community and will support us whatever way you can.

Please feel free to contact us by calling 843-1841. Any monetary contributions can be forwarded to: The Kristy Pollak Make-A-Wish fundraiser and mail it to 101 Erie St., Amsterdam, NY. Remember, all donations are tax-deductible.

Please watch for more information and join us at the park on Lyon Street in Amsterdam for our three- night event in December and remember, the park will be lit from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day.



The Kristy Pollak Christmas Event

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