Use funds for city needs

The Gloversville Common Council appears set to take its time and decide the best way for the city to use the $10,000 donated from the Overlook Ridge Apartments.

That’s good. However, we would caution officials against giving the money to non-profit organizations, as was suggested by Mayor Dayton King.

At the council’s meeting Tuesday, King said under his plan, groups could send a letter to the city clerk with the amount they’re requesting and an explanation of how the money would be used. Under his plan, which would require council approval, the council would review entries and pass a resolution announcing the winners at a Sept. 24 council meeting.

However, members of the council indicated that deadline was not realistic. They wanted more time to figure out where the money could best be used.

King proposed giving about $3,000 to the city Recreation Commission, which some council members appeared to support.

Looking around the city, there is no shortage of areas that could use the money. For example, a number of the city’s parks look as if they could stand some cleaning and repair.

While we know the council will find a way to spend the money, we hope they shy away from inviting non-profits to grab some of the funds.

Our concern is not with the local non-profit-organizations: They generally do excellent work and are a vital part of not just Gloversville but many local communities.

Instead, we worry the council will buy itself – and its constituents – a large headache.

The council should not put itself in a position where it has to decide winners and losers. What if two groups submit applications for similar funding and plan to use it to help people in the same way? Does the council need to determine who is more worthy of funding? Will there be enough money to fund all of the requests that could come in? Does the city have to follow up to make sure the money is used as requested? How would the council handle officials from a local non-profit who are upset if their request is not funded?

If the city is going to use the funds, the best way is to spend the money on items and projects the city is required to maintain.

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