Revenue plan a good start

A proposed revenue-sharing agreement involving the planned regional business park is a positive development that hopefully will help the project become a reality.

The Montgomery County Legislature’s Economic Development and Planning Committee recently moved forward a resolution that would allow county Executive Matthew Ossenfort to sign a county-level, property tax revenue-sharing agreement. Under the deal, Fulton and Montgomery counties each would get half of the property taxes from the site.

The agreement would cover land currently in the town of Mohawk in Montgomery County, which would be annexed into Fulton County in order to create the regional business park. The proposed park would be built on 260 acres of farmland in Mohawk, south of and adjacent to the Johnstown Industrial Park off Route 30A and south of Opportunity Drive. The site would be annexed into the city of Johnstown for access to water and sewer service. Officials are hoping to attract a large employer to the site.

Of course, plenty of work still needs to be done before the regional business park could happen.

It would be nice to see the city of Johnstown and town of Mohawk come up with a revenue-sharing agreement.

Thus far, reaching a deal has not been easy. When talks about a deal broke off in early 2011, both municipalities were considering a 55 percent-45 percent split in revenue, with the larger share going to Johnstown. The duration of the agreement appeared to be a major sticking point. Johnstown wanted the agreement in place for 40 years, but Mohawk wanted a longer term.

There is still time for a deal to happen. At the very least, the proposed deal between the two counties is a welcome indication that local officials can work together on projects that appear to be mutually beneficial.

By LH Staff