U.S. hurt by health law

Like shady used-car salespeople who need to meet quotas, federal officials in charge of the Obamacare program are far more concerned with numbers than quality care for customers. That attitude has created nightmares for many Americans.

Billing errors, missing health insurance cards and other problems have resulted from a surge in Obamacare enrollments at the end of 2015, The Associated Press reported. That last-minute crush can be traced, at least in part, to federal officials’ decision to extend deadlines for enrollment.

Why did they do that? Because Obamacare has proven far more unpopular than the White House had predicted. Even with the current enrollment of nearly 12 million, the total is millions short of what President Barack Obama had touted.

Now, many customers are paying the price for the administration’s deadline extension to boost numbers.

One insurance company admitted to the AP that it is experiencing delays in processing enrollments for employees of “around 10,000 companies.” Yes, 10,000.

Other problems have included billing errors that caused bank overdrafts for thousands of people and, of course, many more who need health care but do not have cards showing they have insurance.

A private company treating customers this shoddily would be out of business quickly. But that will not happen with Obamacare – because it is the government.

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