Bigger not always better

Millions of military veterans remember the famous Jeep, which made its mark as a light military vehicle that never seemed to meet terrain it could not conquer. Then in the mid-1980s, the Pentagon decided it needed something more technologically advanced. The bigger Humvee became the standard for U.S. ground forces.

But it turned out Humvees are far from the best vehicle for all military uses. Now, the Army is looking for something small, inexpensive, tough and versatile.

Turns out they should have kept some Jeeps. Hendrick Dynamics of North Carolina has developed a specially modified Jeep Wrangler company officials expect will meet the Army’s needs.

Yes, Jeep. It turns out that sometimes, bigger, more advanced and more expensive are not necessarily better. For many military uses, the old workhorse is actually better.

Lots of old soldiers could have told the generals that.

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