Committee should help

The former Sherman’s Amusement Park property could be a big attraction for the town, but there is a small problem: The town can’t decide exactly what to do with it.

But officials took a step toward solving that problem recently by approving the creation of a committee to help determine the future of the site.

It’s a good move, which should help the town figure out how best to use the property.

Part of the problem is there are many possibilities for the park, including a public beach and an arts center.

The committee – which includes town residents and area professionals – should be able to help recommend viable options.

Since the town took over the property last year, there has been a great deal of debate about the best use for the site.

While some people have focused on trying to attract tourists, others have looked more closely at the potential costs to the town.

Hopefully, the committee will be able to solicit ideas and assess all of the factors involved in the proposals.

The very creation of the committee means the public will have to wait before finding out what will happen to the site.

But it should mean town residents – and their elected representatives – ultimately wind up making an informed decision about what will work best.

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