Kasich tells the truth

It is safe to say the college-student vote went primarily to Democrat candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary in New Hampshire on Tuesday.

Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who came in second in the Republican primary, probably did not receive much support on Granite State campuses, however.

Why is that?

Kasich has waged an uphill battle for one reason: He has been telling Americans the unvarnished, sobering truth about the most serious long-term threat facing our nation. It is runaway government spending.

Our national debt has topped $19 trillion. Before incumbent President Barack Obama leaves office, it will reach $20 trillion.

That level of borrowing is unsustainable, Kasich explains. A veteran of Congress, where he led in writing balanced budgets, Kasich has outlined a plan to slash government spending.

Sanders, in contrast, wants bigger, more expensive government. One of his appeals to younger voters is his offer of free college educations.

Obviously, basic economics is not a priority on many college campuses. Someone has to pay for everything. Nothing is free.

The very fact so many voters, especially the younger ones, do not seem to understand that should be disturbing to most Americans, whatever their party allegiances.

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