Don’t ban declawing

We’re sure plenty of fur will be flying as people debate the merits of a proposed state ban on declawing cats.

To us, the proposal seems illogical.

On Tuesday, several veterinarians visited the state capitol to lobby for the ban. They said the declawing procedure, which involves cutting through tendon, bone and nerves to amputate the first segment of a cat’s toe, is unnecessary and cruel. The procedure has been banned in some countries, and in some cities in California.

However, it’s important to note the state’s Veterinary Medical Society opposes the legislation, saying the surgical procedure can often save cats with destructive scratching behavior from being euthanized. In a memo of opposition, the society argued declawing is a decision best left to veterinarians and cat owners – not lawmakers.

We agree.

What would happen if declawing were banned? Would people stop getting cats declawed, or just stop getting cats? Considering the high number of homeless cats, why would government want to make adopting a cat less enticing?

It would be a shame to see more cats end up in shelters or in the wild because of a law.

Aren’t there more important issues for the state to be dealing with right now? Ethics reform is one that comes to mind.

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