Farley shows dedication

New York State Sen. Hugh Farley, whose district includes Fulton County, has been serving in his position for 40 years. During that time, the Republican from Niskayuna has shown true dedication to his office and a sincere interest in serving the public.

Farley has been a strong supporter of Fulton County, obtaining state grant money for many local projects, helping localities with state issues and giving special attention to local libraries and the hospice program. Judging by his easy re-election victories and local vote totals every two years, the senator obviously has many “Farley fans” in our area.

This week, Farley, 83, said he will step down at the end of his term this year so he can devote more time to his family.

Throughout his long and distinguished political career, Farley has shown he’s a man of sound judgment and good character. His constituents have found Farley to be accessible and receptive over the years. People who have had problems or concerns regarding issues related to the state have found Farley’s office to be helpful. He’s also made a point to attend countless local events every year and support local organizations.

Farley always has shown respect for the people he serves, and even though he’s held positions of power during his Senate career and has friends in high places, he’s always been a personable, down-to-earth and compassionate person.

We don’t see many longtime respected politicians like Farley. Those who consider pursuing political service certainly can look to Farley as a role model.

We wish him peace and contentment in his retirement.

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