Slick Clinton a security threat

Hillary Clinton’s advisers apparently thought her husband’s ability to escape repercussions for his misdeeeds – one nickname for him was “Slick Willy” – had rubbed off on her. That could be one explanation for the apathy with which they initially viewed reports on her illegal use of private email servers while she was secretary of state.

Leaked emails exchanged by officials in her campaign for president make it clear some of them simply did not take the news seriously. The messages were made public Tuesday by WikiLeaks.

In March 2015, there were reports Clinton had violated the law by using private email equipment for communications in her role as secretary of state. We know now, courtesy of the FBI that refused to recommend her for prosecution, that Clinton jeopardized national security by exposing some of her emails to hackers.

Not long after the initial revelations, Clinton campaign spokesman Nick Merrill suggested in one email that, “Goal would be to cauterize (reports on Clinton’s illegal behavior) just enough so it plays out over the weekend and dies in the short term.”

It did not. But any suggestion it could be made to “die out” portrays incredible arrogance among Clinton and her advisers. Clinton took the advice, however, attempting, as we know now, to lie her way out of the mess.

To her and her advisers, the scandal was just an inconvenience, a minor blip in her campaign for the presidency. The idea was that Slick Hillary could explain away a major national security lapse due to her illegal behavior. In other words, she took the scandal no more seriously than she took obeying the law, telling the truth – and safeguarding the nation’s secrets.

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